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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PARTY OF GIFTS by D. Aliesh #AmReading #SciFi #Fiction

I knew that I would be doing this tonight. I also knew that I was no longer able to ignore these dreams or my gift any longer. Something was pulling me to this case more than I had been pulled since I left my hometown. Maybe it was because Jessica was from my area, I couldn’t be sure of why any of this stuff happened to me. All of my life, the only explanation was that I had what I had and could do what I could because I got a double dose of it. I was part of a family with coveted gifts that all of the women inherited. It was like God had a hat full of gifts, and before we were born, we all reached in and picked out a different one. When one of the women in the family passed on, their gift was more or less up for grabs. I had somehow defied those rules, and the only logical reason was that my granddaddy’s side of the family had blessed me also.
With his family, it had skipped two generations, before another gift had appeared. I didn’t know how much of the gift I wanted from them though. They were the types that certain members had dabbled in black magic. I was taught at a very young age, that if you open yourself to the bad arts, you are slowly rejecting the good. Being that my family was very strong in the Christian faith, I reveled in the good that my gift could do. Lately, however, these sort of paranormal blessings had been under such scrutiny by the church that I had decided to ignore the calling. I packed up my bags, and moved back to the city that I had done my undergraduate studies at, in hopes of just being another doctor with a private practice, among the many. This move had allowed me to reconnect with my ex-fiancĂ© to the point that we had actually moved back into together. Everything seemed to have been on the up and up, until a few days ago.

The modern day heroes assembled in this journey get to go to places most people will never see. With the gifts of the spirit and some other talents added to the bunch, they restore faith, hope in order into the world, while shaking it up in themselves. If you are a sci-fi extraordinaire looking for a good read, or if you need an escape from worldly limitations…join the cast of Party of Gifts.
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Genre - Sci-Fi
Rating – PG
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