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Thursday, August 14, 2014

8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Evolutionary Journey of #Woman by Sarah Nicholson #Spirituality

8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Evolutionary Journey of Woman
  • This book tells the story of the beautiful, adventurous Sumerian goddess Inanna.
  • It debunks Man the Hunter as the primary, prehistoric hero of human evolution.
  • The Evolutionary Journey of Woman suggests that a number of key social, cultural and technological factors formed a key tipping point in the Mythic Age that led to thousand of years of women's oppression.
  • This books sees the emergence of feminism as evidence of the positive unfolding of consciousness in the world.
  • It expresses the hope that we are emerging into a new Integral age that might be able to reintegrate our lost female and feminine wisdom.
  • It also debunks the idea of a past matriarchal golden age of human history.
  • It explains the three waves of feminism as moving from a focus on social rights, to cultural rights, and finally to diversity.
  • It argues that women need a tradition of spiritual grandmother's to help them fully become who they can be in the world.

This work uses multiple disciplines, that will reveal how women can achieve self-realization and emerge into an integral future. To do this, Sarah Nicholson brings into dialogue and tension mythology, transpersonal psychology, feminism(s), developmental theory (individual and cultural), and integral theory. The amount of material that she has brought to bear on her question is very impressive - particularly her comprehensive and insightful review of developments in feminist thought.

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Genre - Non fiction, Women's Spirituality
Rating – PG
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