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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

#AmReading - Six Feet From Hell: Crisis by Joseph Coley @JosephAColey

Six Feet From Hell: Crisis by Joseph Coley


Nine years have passed since the end of the world. America and the rest of the world is truly in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Joe and his surviving cohorts have their own job now as part of a group of rescuers nicknamed ZBRA (Zombie Backup, Rescue, and Assault) units. They have maintained a post at Camp Dawson, deep in the hills of West Virginia for the past few years. They stand ready day and night to help out their fellow man when needed until a new foe rears it's ugly head. In the fourth book of the Six Feet From Hell series, Joe and his team must stop this wannabe dictator nicknamed 'The Captain' while surviving in a harsh environment. However, they cannot do it alone - they will need to call on some old friends to help them.



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