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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Matchplay Series (Three Book Boxed Set) by Dakota Madison @shortontimebook #Romance

From Fair Play


Evan looks at me with so much lust and desire in his eyes, I feel like he’s been starving and I’m a steak dinner. It’s so out of character for Evan to be hungry for anyone that it takes me off guard. Evan usually satiates his carnal desires as quickly as they come. He generally has no problem finding a vast array of willing partners. Women flock to Evan like little birds on a newly filled bird feeder. And he never has any trouble replenishing the feeder to satisfy every little bird he manages to attract. The only time I’ve ever seen him close the feeder down is when a little bird gets too attached. Evan doesn’t do attachments. The feeder is open for business as long as you know you’ve got to go right after you’ve been fed.

When Evan grabs my ass and pulls me even closer, I can feel his ample erection under his dress pants as it presses against my body. He leans his head close to my ear and nips on my earlobe, which sends electricity shooting through my body. I’ve told him about a few of my most sensitive spots, my earlobes being one of them, but I’m a little surprised he remembers. Or it could just be part of his standard repertoire with all of the little birds he satisfies on a regular basis.

“You’re mine tonight,” he whispers and his words are like little alarm bells going off in my ear.

He’s never staked claim on me, even for a night. The words both completely turn me on and totally terrify me. I’m not sure whether to take him back to my hotel room and fuck him all night or run in the other direction. I decide to do what I do best and mess a little with his mind instead.

“I saw the way you were looking at Rainy,” I say as I look up into his stunning green eyes.

The moment I say Rainy, I can see a slight flicker of something on his face. But whatever the reaction is, it’s gone just as quickly. Like the good politician I know he’s destined to be, he hides whatever he’s feeling with a well-rehearsed mask of pure charisma and charm.

“Right now, I’m looking at you and that’s all that matters,” he replies seductively.

It’s been two months since I’ve seen Evan. We were together for Spring Break. I’m not sure what happened in those two months but somehow, this boy has managed to completely perfect the Mr. Smooth persona that he’s been practicing since he was sixteen, the first time we fucked each other.


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Genre – New Adult Romance

Rating – R

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