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Friday, October 4, 2013

Author Interview – Tracy Sweeney

What’s your favorite place in the entire world? My happy place is Hermosa Beach, CA.  My best friend lives there and I swear my blood pressure drops as soon as the plane lands at LAX.  But my heart belongs to Sorrento, Italy.  Lemon trees, sangria, lots of sauce and cheese.  What’s not to like?

What inspired you to write your first book? I love time travel movies.  Peggy Sue, Back to the Future, The Butterfly Effect.  I eat them up.  Maybe I spent too much time thinking about their nuances but if you were to really end up back in high school years later, could you effectively pretend you belonged there?  Do you remember where your locker was or your locker combination?  What you were studying in chem class?  Where you sat?  Could you be the person you were when you were seventeen?  Could you make it through all of that trauma and teenage angst without a cocktail?  I couldn’t.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? This is from something called “Floorboards”:

I loved our old house from the very first moment that we crossed the threshold.  My mother always told me that old houses have character.  And ours was certainly no exception.  The floorboards creaked as we climbed the stairs, the windows rattled with every gust of wind and the radiator hissed angry bursts of squealing steam.  In the winter, I wore scratchy wool socks to bed and in the summer, I blew out the circuit breakers running both an air conditioner and a fan to keep cool.  Our old house had character—it was just really pissed off.

How did you come up with the title? The concept of “living backwards” comes from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.  The White Queen isn’t one of the more well known Wonderland residents because clearly Walt Disney just wasn’t into her but she’s fascinating.  She knows what will happen before it comes to pass.  I thought that it fit the story so perfectly.  What if you’re able to go back and stop the crime from being committed?  What if in the process you committed an even bigger one?

Who designed the cover? My friend Liz Jaeger did an absolutely amazing job on the cover.  I swear she made me a hundred different versions – each one prettier than the next.  It was miserable picking just one.   I’m thrilled with the final product.

Do you have to travel much concerning your book? Unfortunately never back in time.  That would be awesome. I’m not Jillian. I’d tear the place up.

If you could go back in time what would or wouldn’t you change? Other than seeing to it that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake never break up? (Sorry, Jessica Biel, but we’re all thinking it.) Well, I’m not Jillian but we do share some similarities.  I was ridiculously shy and quiet when I was in high school.  I’m so outspoken now, it’s hard to reconcile the two personalities.  It would be a totally different experience.  And I own a flask.


Twenty-nine-year-old Jillian Cross refuses to believe that a pair of skinny jeans has led to her untimely demise. Life just isn’t that cruel. But when an overly-enthusiastic attempt at squeezing herself into them leads her to fall and lose consciousness, she is faced with just that possibility. When she awakens with both a bruised ego and a bump on her head, she’s not in her tiny apartment but her childhood bedroom circa 1999-the spring of her senior year in high school. Jillian knows that time travel isn’t logical.

But then again, neither was her decision to wear skinny jeans. As she attempts to navigate her way through the halls of Reynolds High, walking the same path and making the same choices she made years before, she knows that any change she makes can have a catastrophic effect on her future. But when she strikes up an unexpected friendship with motorcycle-riding, cigarette-smoking Luke Chambers, can she pretend to be the same shy girl she once was? At least she has her pink sparkly flask to take the edge off. One little change won’t hurt, right?

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Genre – Chick Lit

Rating – PG13

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