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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles (Book 1, Excerpt) by Alexandra Anthony

Siobhan attempted to clap with her champagne flute in one hand.  She then pretended to wipe a tear away with her finger.  "Mama's so proud.  You're growing up."

Huffing, I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.  "It's not happening, Von.  Sorry."

"He's a saint by Hollywood standards and he's fucking beautiful.  Can you imagine that body naked? I mean, look at the size of his..."

I cut her off before she could go any further.  "Yeah, yeah.  He's gorgeous.  And he doesn't date."

"Who said anything about dating? I'm talking about a much more casual type of encounter." Siobhan's eyebrows waggled suggestively.  "He's still staring and I can tell he is most definitely interested.  And what a coincidence - I see one of my contacts.  I gotta get the scoop.  I’ll be right back.  Make me proud!"

She sashayed across the room in a silver streak, leaving me alone to ogle Nick Hart over my cheap glass of champagne in my overpriced cocktail dress.

He hadn't moved from his spot on the wall.  I watched curiously as he took an occasional swallow from a whiskey glass, his dark eyes surveying the room with as much enthusiasm as I had.  His body language and look of disgust on his face gave it away.  I liked him better already.

He caught me staring, his lips curling back to reveal a mischievous smile and a set of deep dimples.  Even from across the room, I could see the bright gleam of his white teeth against the pale luminance of his skin.

With a pounding heart, I quickly looked away.  I focused intently on the floor before peeking up to see his eyes still piercing through me, his cell phone at his ear.  My fingers combed through my blond hair and I nervously tapped the side of my glass with a fingernail as I waited for Siobhan to return.

A few people I knew passed by and we exchanged casual hellos.  When I glanced back to where Nick had been standing, he was gone.  I couldn't help but be a little disappointed.  I'd enjoyed our brief flirtation, even if it had been mostly one-sided.

It was that exact moment Siobhan rejoined me.  She clicked her tongue in mock disapproval as she picked up on my obvious disappointment.  "You missed your chance.  You could have been the only woman in Hollywood to fuc-"

"I got it," I admonished her with a hiss.  "Are you ready to go?"


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