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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Secret Words (Secret Dreams Book 1) by Miranda P. Charles

"Aahh," she cried softly as she put weight on her left foot.

"Your ankle?" her knight asked.

"Yes, I must have sprained it."  Her eyes watered from the pain and the predicament she found herself in.  She prayed her ankle wasn't too bad.  Her sister's wedding was next week and she didn't want to be a limping bridesmaid on the day.

"Where do you need to go?" he asked.

"To the sink first.  I need to wash my hands again."

Her heart raced as a muscular arm went around her waist as he helped her hobble to the washbasin.

"Why don't I help you walk back to wherever you need to be?" he offered.  "You probably shouldn't be putting much weight on that foot."

"How do I know you're not dangerous?" she asked with a smile that conveyed she was joking.  She felt safe with him already.  But was that being too naive?

He laughed out loud.  "How about I introduce myself first?  My name's Kane and I work for Krand Architects.  I'm definitely not an axe murderer."

"Where's your proof?" she asked with a mock frown.

He took his wallet from his back pocket and fished out a business card.  "Here.  See?  Ar-chi-tect," he said with exaggerated enunciation as he pointed to the title 'Director and Head Architect'.

She chuckled at his playfulness and snatched the card from him.  "Glad to meet you, Kane … Summers?  Are you related to Faye Summers?"

"Yes," Kane replied in surprise.  "I'm her oldest brother."

Oh.  She checked him out with new eyes.  She could now see the resemblance between him and Faye - one of her sister's best friends - especially their blue eyes and the fact that they were both extremely good-looking.

"And you are …?" Kane prodded.

"Oh, I'm Jasmine Allen."

He lifted his eyebrows.  "You're Jessa's younger sister?"


He grinned at her.  "Well, then, now you know for sure I'm not an axe murderer.  You live in Melbourne, right?  When did you arrive?"

Secret Words

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Genre - Contemporary Romance

Rating – R

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