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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Author Interview – Marie Maiden

Chapter three of your book is called “No One to Watch Over Me” Did you feel that you had no one to watch over you as a child growing up?

I grew up poor and often times there was not any food in the house to eat.  I was neglected, not on purpose, but I was left to fend for myself and it was very hard.

You write in the book that, you had a less than desirable childhood.  How would you describe your childhood?

I didn’t have anyone to train me and teach me how to value myself.  I had no one to teach me all the things that young girls should be taught.  I was on my own to raise myself and I made a lot of bad mistakes in my life.

You write about your life as a teenaged mother, tell us about that?

When I became pregnant I was deeply ashamed of myself.  I was suicidal and strongly contemplated throwing myself down a flight of stairs in hopes of ending the pregnancy.

Chapter four is called “Trying to Find My Way on My Own” where you able to find what you were searching for?

Yes, I did.  I found what I was looking for and what I really needed.  My book also chronicles the role of God in my life and how my belief in Jesus Christ has transformed me and gave me the strength to overcome a less than desirable childhood and life as a teenaged mother.

You tell in the book that, your child was born with some health problems.  What types of health problems does he have?

Yes, my child is a boy and he was born with handicaps.  He is a special needs child.

You Cannot Find Peace

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