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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sarah Martinez – Do You Write to Titillate the Reader?

Do you write to titillate the reader? 

by Sarah Martinez

I did not put the sex in to arouse the reader, though if there is a side effect, I have no problem with that. I actually think that means I have done my job right. If a writer describes smoking, or eating or any other physical activity so well that I feel a craving or hunger, I would say the writer did a good job describing a human experience. So why is that different for sex writing?  I wanted to make a point by including the sex scenes the way that I did. What is being aroused as a state of being? Is this any better or worse than craving a cigarette or experiencing thirst or hunger? I don’t think so. Sex, as an experience can be so many things; traumatic, routine, transformative, intoxicating, and for me, that range is what makes writing about sex well worth the effort it takes to do it right.

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Jack on May 12, 2013 at 5:25 PM said...

This post is very insightful. That idea of inducing a craving--smoke a cigarette, eat oysters, have sex. What's the difference. I think Sarah Martinez nails it here. Something all writers can take with them--induce the craving...


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